Stephanie Magurno

    Accounting Professional, Operations Expert,
    Entrepreneur, Business Consultant



    Running a small or medium-sized business is complicated, time consuming, and challenging. I'm here to help. My specialties include:

    • Financial statements, budgeting, forecasting, & cash flow management
    • Profit margin optimization
    • Business systems, process management, & people management
    • Analyzing business metrics to measure and improve performance
    • Automating to reduce drudgery and increase efficiency

    I have the experience and knowledge to help you take your business to the next level. Most importantly, I am passionate about helping my clients succeed. My credentials include:

    • More than 15 years in operations management & executive training
    • Accounting and finance positions in three different sectors (manufacturing, service, and professional firm)
    • Two successful business startups


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    Accounting, Operations, & Business Analytics Consultant

    June 2017 – Present

    People + Process + Profits + Problem Solving

    • Set up in-house accounting and bookkeeping systems, procedures, and controls
    • Create effective processes and strategies to collect and analyze business data, measure performance & customer experience, analyze business trends and identify business opportunities
    • People management, hiring, & best practices
    • Profit margin optimization & cost-reduction strategies
    • Financial analysis, reporting, and forecasting
    • Create and provide tools that give business owners and managers daily visibility on the financial state of their businesses and the ability to manage finances effectively
    • Develop policy manuals, procedures, and role descriptions to improve and streamline staff performance


    Controller & Co-owner

    Dec 2016 – Present

    As the Controller for a small manufacturing company, I handle all financial and accounting responsibilities:

    • Designing and improving the cost accounting system for internal users and using the data to ensure GAAP-compliant financial records as well as determine pricing and business strategy
    • Preparing financial reports for audit and tax filings
    • Manage cash flow and handle Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable and payroll functions
    • General Ledger and Journal entries, bank reconciliations,

    From launching a successful start-up to formal education, I have the experience to get the job done right...

    Greenback Expat Tax Services: Finance & Business Analytics Manager

    March 2017 - August 2017

    In this contract position, I improved financial processes and implemented business analytics tools including:

    • Creating reports for end-users to run weekly or monthly, with quality and actionable information on business metrics and trends, financial results, and accountant performance.
    • Streamlining collection and analysis of marketing data, allowing for timely reporting and enlarged scope of measurements.
    • In-depth profit margin analysis through cost accounting processes.
    • Improving and recording procedures for staff and vendor payments.
    • Year-end accounting processes and preparation of financial records for audit and annual tax filing.
    • Providing financial analysis and establishing parameters for ongoing financial review.

    BAR CODE: Co-founder, Controller, Assistant Director of Operations

    January 2015 - February 2017

    With dual financial and operational roles, my responsibilities encompassed a wide array of activities and functions. On the operations side, these included project management for the launch of a new bar and restaurant and a new brand, strategic planning, business systems organization, establishing vendor relationships, administration, compliance, and human resources management.

    On the accounting side, I was responsible for financial analysis, management, and reporting - from overseeing the bookkeeping and cost accounting for a multi-unit business to interpreting data so that the company could save money and increase revenue, and from budgeting and forecasting to cash flow management.

    NOT FOR PROFIT SECTOR: Operations Manager & Field Director

    August 2000 - January 2015

    In my first career, I ran organizations with extremely ambitious programs designed to meet needs of low-income workers and empower them to tackle the root causes of their poverty conditions. I then spent a year and a half teaching others how to run NGOs.

    As an Operations Manager, I:

    • ran teams of volunteers on projects daily.
    • fulfilled countless administrative functions from running staff meetings to budgeting
    • provided hands on staff training & conducted staff development.
    • spoke to hundreds of classes, congregations, and clubs, receiving honorariums and getting record results from these presentations.
    • spent at least 10,000 hours on the telephone recruiting volunteers, raising money, and procuring donations.
    • planned, prepared, and executed dozens and dozens of large-scale, volunteer events (from Thanksgiving food basket deliveries to 200 homes to gala events for 200 volunteers and supporters).
    • wrote successful fundraising appeals and grant applications.
    • developed flyers and brochures.
    • published newspapers (writing and graphic design).

    Subsequently, I traveled around the state of California providing hands-on and remote supervision to Executive Director-level leadership running Non-Government Organizations, with a particular emphasis on fundraising and financial management.

    Bachelor of Science, Accounting

    August 2015 - Present

    In Pursuit